Designing Your Bathroom

Whether designing a new bathroom or upgrading an existing one, it is important to make clever design decisions. While colour schemes material choices are visually important, it is your bathroomware that will impact most on your day to day living.

The purpose of bathroomware is evident.  It needs to be practical and functional to create a space where you can relax and ease away the stresses of the day. By selecting refined components you can take your bathroom further – transform traditional bathroom elements into striking features within your home.
Contemporary bathrooms stress streamlined simplicity. There are many options to consider to achieve an alluring space. Interesting angles and high gloss finishes create an eye-catching high end look while straight lines and bold shapes offer a sleek minimal appearance.
It is undeniable that white is the classic bathroom colour, it creates a crisp clean look and can create a canvas to add hints of colours through tiles, paint and art pieces to really annunciate the tones in the bathroom.
If you are looking at updating your home for sale, there are two paths that can be considered, choose to form a statement with your bathroom décor, creating that wow factor that will draw people in, or choose more neutral colours for a safer option to allow the new owner to stamp their own mark.


Vanities come in a range of designs and sizes to suit a remarkable number of bathroom styles. The Athena CREATE vanity range offers creativity without confusion, allowing you to hand pick each component of your vanity to reflect your own sense of style. Contemporary vanities cleverly combine fashion and function. Bathrooms tend to lend themselves to the adventurous use of colour, so don’t be afraid to consider something outside the standard ‘white on white’ that has remained popular for so many years.
Natural themes in the bathroom are evident with the popularity of coloured cabinet finishes such as Baroque and Charred Oak. Bold colours like Indian Ink and Alchemy and high gloss Exochique finishes are also claiming their space in the modern bathroom. If statement finishes are a little outside your comfort zone, consider a softer hue like Perfect White or Friar Grey.


The first decision to make is whether to go for an acrylic or tiled wall shower. Both have their advantages and it will most likely come down to personal preference and budget.
Tiled showers generally larger and allow you to create an individual space with your personal choice of tiles, carrying the bathroom tiles through to the shower for a seamless look. All Athena tiled wall showers use an acrylic tray which is quicker to install and eliminates leakage issues that can be associated with tiled showers.
If you are opting for a tiled wall shower, be sure to consider the price of the new tiles you and cost of a new installation. If you decide not to tile the walls inside the shower, then an acrylic wall shower is the way to go, providing a clean, and crisp appearance. When compared to a tiled wall shower, the installation time offered by an acrylic lining can make them an attractive, more cost effective option.

You also need to make decisions on the size, shape and height of your new shower. The feeling of space is key; if you buy a large enclosure it may cramp the rest of the bathroom, but one that is too small may feel uncomfortable to shower in. The perfect size shower will feel reasonably roomy when in and out of it.  When considering positioning, if you replacing an existing shower, aim to place in the same location. – moving a shower will significantly increase the overall cost.
A good sturdy door seal will keep the shower alive for much longer, not to mention keeping your bathroom floor and walls safe from a soaking. Doors with magnetic strips are great for keeping water in. To ensure the longevity of your shower enclosure, sometimes it is more important to spend a little more now to avoid investment in the future.


The natural look moves into baths as we are seeing a preference for more organic shapes – sharp square designs are making way for flowing rounded edges.

Consider a free standing bath to create extra floor space, making a small space seem larger.
While a freestanding bath costs more than the traditional “built in” bath, a stand alone bath does not need framing or tiling around, which can potentially reduce the overall cost.
Where space is limited, it is recommended to use a shower over bath rather than a separate shower and bath situation. This option saves a lot of space while retaining dual functionality.


Mirrors create illusion of space and reflection of natural and artificial light makes a bathroom look bright and spacious. Mirror cabinets are ideal for keeping items hidden and safely out of the reach of children. By partially recessing a mirror cabinet into the wall you obtain extra storage without taking up an additional space.


Well-designed bathrooms have plenty of storage – towel rails, mirror cabinets, towers and storage units for towels or other accessories.

Vanity units are generally the most prominent storage item in a bathroom however, you can complement your vanity by adding a vertical tower unit of a similar style, which not only increases storage, but can also do plenty to improve its appearance by adding an extra touch of style. If you don’t want to go to the extent of adding entire extra units, consider putting in a set of open shelf to achieve the same result.


Tapware is offered in a vast array of styles, brands and price. Most often, design is what will dominate the decision making, however longevity of style should certainly be considered. Choose products that will stand the test of time and that suit the rest of the room – be sure to consider how your tapware connects with the other shapes chosen for the space.

It is also crucial that you understand whether you have equal or unequal hot and cold water pressures in your home and match your tapware accordingly.


Rather than opt for the standard type of lighting in your bathroom, one way of creating something a little different is to consider a lighting package that can create a ‘mood’ in your bathroom. It does pay to ensure you have substantial lighting option to provide plenty of illumination for those tasks that require it, such as shaving or applying make-up. Most new bathrooms feature a couple of standard lights in the main part of the bathroom and a high-intensity light fitted over the vanity unit or above the main mirror.


Bathrooms are high-traffic areas that guests are likely to see. Create a space that will both welcome and wow your guests and one that is also an irresistible personal retreat.
Working in a small space requires fewer materials and allows you to splurge and create the ultimate refuge. The ideal ensuite should complement the adjoining bedroom. Mirrored doors are a great way to make a space look bigger and make an ensuite a continuation of the bedroom. Guest bathrooms are generally smaller than an ensuite. In a smaller space, rather than a compact bath, consider a generous sized shower.


Tiling your bathroom floor is a great way to add colour, pattern or texture, select a larger tile with very little pattern to visually expand a room, ensuring that the grout colour needs to match the tile to eliminate contrast which will defeat the visual expansion.

The size, pattern, colour, texture, and even gloss level of a tile can affect the feeling of a room.
Having a functional and streamlined bathroom design is important, making it easier to clean the area and arrange stuff in a well-organized manner. There are so many styles of bathroomware available, a bathroom can look simple yet classy with a clever selection of attractive accents and decors to liven up the overall look.

The bathroom is one of the busiest and most important rooms in the house. Bathrooms should not only look good, they also need to be looked after. Whether it is a luxurious master bathroom or a compact powder room, a well-designed, hygienic and properly-maintained bathroom can be a beautiful place to eliminate stress of your day and relax.

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